Go2Girlz offers a vast amount of home, business and individual services, all with one purpose in mind, helping YOU! The owner, Michele, began as a personal assistant in Los Angeles, California. Working for the elite, including top corporations, she handed all the "put off" projects that nobody seemed to be able to complete. After years of trouble shooting, internet research, party planning, event services, marketing and being a project manager, Michele's clients started calling her their "Go to Girl". So she decided step out on her own to create Go2Girlz. Now Michele and her team are helping individuals and families to get things done, quickly and efficiently.



Now that you know the story, here's what we offer:


• Estate Sales - In your Home or Ours!

We prepare and do an estate sale in your home taking care of all the details from start to finish . Even if your out of state we can take care of all the details without you needing to be here .  We work with your Realtor or attorney closely to keep you informed every step of the way .


Sometimes homeowners cannot have an estate sale in their home which can include ; living in a gated community , their home is too remote , has no parking  or  they may have a quick escrow which does not allow enough time  . We have a full 1200 square foot warehouse that allows us to transfer your house there for an estate sale .


We are insured, carry workman's comp, bonded and have over 20 years of experience .


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• Property Cleanups - There's no cleanup too small or too large.  With our own trucks and trailers, we get properties ready to be put on the market or we can spruce up your own. We complete projects quicker than other companies. Often in one day.


• Consignments and On-line Sales - Our full time employees handle everything - start to finish. You can drop off or we can pick up. Call for details.



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