• No out of pocket costs to you... ever!

Our fee for running an estate sale is a 40% flat rate and 10% for cars. Other companies bill you for set up and staging, we don't.


The most popular estates are everyday homes.

One of the most important things to know is an estate is not always fancy and filled with antiques. As a matter of fact,  average homes with everyday items in them attract tons of people!


• Call us first for a FREE consultation!

The first step is to call and book a free consultation. We need to customize a plan that's right for you and your family. Did we mention "It's Free!" ?


• Don't throw anything away!

We sell everything from cleaning supplies, canned foods and 1/2 used bottles of soap. People often say, "Are you serious? We just donated 15 bags of stuff!"  Don't trash or donate anything before calling us first!


Contact us ASAP.

Call us as soon as you learn you may need our services. Often, We book weeks in advance for sales and consignment pick-ups.


• Go2Girlz does all the work! You do nothing!

We're professionals. Our crew is knowledgeable and able to get homes ready FAST. They've been with us from the start! So just relax and let us handle it.


• We sell fine art, cars & unusual items.

Do you have any hidden treasures in your home? We take pride in finding these items and then surprising our clients with their worth. Take a look at just some of the higher priced items on this page that we have sold!


• What if its to late?

If it's too late to conduct an estate sale in your home due to quick sale, foreclosure or other unforeseen circumstances, you can have your home shipped to us by a moving company for an estate sale in our retail location.  We also offer clearing your home at a rate of $85 per hour plus supplies.


Dirk Van Erp Lamp

Sold 2014 over $30,000

Edgar Payne

California Artist

Sold 2014 over $25,000

"Joan Kish Estate"

San Diego 2014





SPEED - Once we have a signed contract, we start taking photos and selling before the estate sale even begins. This allows you to start making money FAST!


LONGER SALES - Additional services offered during estates: We remove all furniture from your home with our staff during an estate sale and NOT THE GENERAL PUBLIC to protect your home. We offer delivery from the sale to new buyers home so we sell more! Most companies do not offer these additional services. Always ask if they do!


ANTIQUE STORE - We own a 1400 square foot antique store open 7 days a week, which allows us to take special items on consignment before and after a sale. This means continued $$ coming in after your sale.  CLICK HERE TO SEE OUR STORE


WAREHOUSE - We have two warehouses totaling over 3000 square feet where chosen unsold items from your sale will go to be sold for additional income. We are not your "normal estate sale company."  We keep selling and selling, that's our MISSION!!!!  CLICK HERE TO SEE OUR WAREHOUSE


CERTIFIED APPRAISALS - We offer written certified appraisals for divorce, insurance companies and business.  ($65 per hour)


INVENTORY SERVICES - We offer a full inventory of your home for court or insurance purposes. ($125 per hour)


ON-LINE SALES - We have expert knowledge of selling on-line through websites such as EBAY.


PERSONAL SERVICE - Myself or one of my managers will be at your home over seeing our crew during set up and break down for your estate sale.


CLEANING - We offer full home clean out and housekeeping after each sale for an additional fee.


LICENSED & BONDED - We are licensed and bonded, carry workman's comp and are registered with the Department of Justice.


PROFESSIONAL EXPERTISE - The owner, Michele, is a "Professional" member of ASEL (American Society of Estate Liquidators) and is a certified appraiser and member of CAGA (Certified Appraisers Guild of America).


BROAD SERVICE AREA - We travel to do sales throughout California and Nevada - Just ASK !





Remember we work for YOU.

The more money YOU make, we make!


Please call us so we can schedule an appointment:



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